Sunday, December 25, 2011

when that Babe came to earth, my soul felt its worth.

i graduated from the University of Montevallo last friday (dec. 16). i did it; it has been proven that it can be done! even though i am finished with college none of it has really sunk into my head, and at the same time, i feel as though i am being propelled into an empty space with no idea of where i have been predestined to land. i am constantly asked about where i am going and what i am doing in january, but the truth is, i cannot answer these questions truthfully. i am still searching my future out and i am still trying to understand why i have been placed here on earth, other than for the glory of God. i suppose i am a wee bit afraid of the unknown, yet let the rose buds fall where they may. i know my Savior has me in His hand.

i have written before that i don't place myself entirely within the sphere of my generation; i feel like a conformist from about three or four decades before my time. in the end, i find myself chasing something that seems so unattainable. "it's hard to feel disqualified for living in a different time, as if the train will only stop for the current paradigm. and i know i shouldn't care if i'm out or if i'm in, cause if i am dismissed, oh You will always take me in." - sara groves

it's Christmas morning. the birth of my Lord is being celebrated through the hearts and voices of the very real Kingdom of God; it is a miracle that God came down and became a man and laid down every fragment of His human soul for the life of an undeserving sinner like me. imagine a new born baby placed in a rugged stable destined to grow up and be scornfully nailed to a splintered cross with piercing thorns in His brow. wisemen brought the Baby gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh; this Child was called the King Who would save the fallen world, but as a man was treated like a thief and a robber. as a sinner saved by grace the only thing i can offer is empty hands and a scarred and bruised heart longing for His fulfillment of Life. i offer Him glory and praise for His unending love, tender mercies, and infinite graces. God's gift to me is the most costly, yet, the very priceless gift i've ever been given. He gave His own Son to die; how can some call eternal life a "free gift?" there is nothing free in this life, and my salvation in Christ was bought with a price; a price i can never repay. "oh, Lord, when You came to the earth my soul felt its worth."

"for he will save his people from their sins." - matt 1:21

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