Tuesday, June 1, 2010

inspirational & admiral women.

There are many women who are very inspirational in my life and I find interesting in some way. Some of them are actresses, singers, political figures, and some of them are among royalty. I have been influenced either by word, style, voice, or public realm, or all of the above. I admire these women.

Sara Groves is one lady whom not too many people in the world have ever heard of before. A former high school teacher of Minnesota who wrote songs and sang during college, became a part of the Christian music industry in 1999 with her first album Past the Wishing. If there is one voice in the world which I love and am the biggest fan of, it's Sara's. Her natural and unique voice my heart grasps with every note. Her song lyrics are more than words, but are like a book of poems which her heart has written. With nine albums underneath her belt and three Dove award nominations, she certainly has accomplished something. If I could pick one female singer in the world which has captured what it means to write music, it's she. Her unique and uncommon style is what sets her apart from the rest of the music world. I find it difficult to place her in a specific music genre. I say she has a genre all her own, and that's what makes her so special. Her heart and hunger for God is such an encouragement to me and her faith she shares with her listeners is a breath of fresh air. Her relationship with Christ is so evident and real through her music. She has ministered to people in Rwanda, helped with the Hurricane Katrina relief, helps the suffering all over the world, and is involved in many ministry projects such as Food for the Hungry and International Justice Mission. I love, love her voice and her music. Her albums never grow old, but always bring me something new to discover. Her newest album Fireflies and Songs has been at the tip of my ears since it came out last November. I will never stop listening to her music.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is certainly a lady to be admired and respected. I believe is she one of the most influential women in history, although many people today view her as old-fashioned and too conservative. I envy England because of her. I do not think many of the English realize how fortunate and honored they are because of her reign as their queen. If the U.S. had a queen, may it be she, Her Majesty. I personally think she is one of the loveliest women of my time and believe she has such a grace to be admired. Although she is the Queen of England, that is not the only reason I admire her. She is a lady of wisdom and integrity, and has experienced so much during her time as Queen. Ever heard the expression "aging gracefully"? She is the epitome of that phrase. She is what every women should be--a lovely lady with poise, propriety, wisdom, integrity, character, class, and one who ages with grace and spunk. She is a lady who still has a sense of style too. Aging with grace at 84, she has got it all together. I say the Queen Mum is a beautiful lady inside and out, and should be completely admired and revered by all. I heart the English, and it is because of people like Her Majesty that I do. Reigning on the throne for 58 years (practically a life-time), let's give Her Majesty a big smile and curtsy. God save the Queen, indeed.

Meg Ryan has to be one of my favorite modern actresses. She is just adorable in You've Got Mail (hard to believe that the movie is now about 12 years old). She's just perfect for that role. I love her job & store, apartment, clothes, and hair in that movie, but interestingly enough her style in that movie is actually Meg Ryan and not just Kathleen Kelly. I recently looked at a home decorating magazine (Elle Decor, I believe), and there was an article about Meg's home in Massachusetts. The style was so Meg Ryan and was definitely my style too. I have been fascinated with Meg's hair for years now, and realized that my hair texture will never be like Meg's. She has donned so many cute cuts and styles, but most of them would never work on me. Oh well. Even though I do not particularly admire any modern actresses, I do admire Meg Ryan. I can't say that her personal life is anything to be admired, but I do think that Meg appears to be a seemingly humble and nice person. At least my aunt in L.A. said she was very friendly. I love Meg's style. It's inspirational.

I will add more in the future when I have more time and think of more. For the time being, I have only these three who range from quite different capacities in society, but bring me inspiration.