Saturday, August 29, 2009

back to school.ring the bell.

this week is closing out quickly, and soon it will be monday--my first day of a new set of classes. when i look back to the beginning of the week, i could not say that the week would end up being this happy and joyous.

so i begin classes monday, as i have mentioned previously in this post and in other posts. yep, it's that time again--a new semester! i am getting very excited, yet i know that it won't all be fun and games. but it happens to me every autumn--i become very excited by the anticipation of the season and a whole new set of classes to set my mind on. i am very excited about my french class! my teacher is very sweet and just adorable! i have a feeling i am going to love that class. and as i go through each french class, it means one step further toward fluency. i have a feeling these english classes are going to be a whole new ball field. they will be challenging and inspiring, which can be exciting. so, a new semester awaits me on monday morning, and at one of the most beautiful campuses on alabama soil.

"alma mater ever glorious, seeking right and freedom's way, raise a beacon high to guide us; shed thy light afar, we pray, sons and daughters sing thy praises; steadfast virtues win thee fame. may the years be rich and fruitful; truth and honor crown thy name."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

at the end of myself, at the end of the day, i can find little else but the courage to say i need You.

this is my last week of the summer, and i can only hope i don't waste my last few days. i am habitual of procrastinating. but i will try to my hardest to seize the days i have left, and just have fun!! so far this week, i have had an excellent sunday going to church and learning practical things about my faith and growing closer to the lord, and have practically made my monday go to waste, except for my usual bowling monday night with friends. sadly yesterday i didn't really read anything, nor really wrote anything. i suppose that's what this tuesday is for! today is a new day!! i filled out an application for a scholarship today, but do not know if i will submit it, considering i have to have an essay and two letters of recommendation from faculty members along with the application, and have it submitted by september 15!! that's a few weeks away, and i beginning classes next monday. i have also taken other things into consideration too. i have a feeling that they prefer that the recipient be an advertising/marketing/journalism major, even though it says the scholarship includes english majors.

i must say that i am getting excited about next week--a new college campus & new professors to get well acquainted with. there is just something so intriguing about that rickety old brick road, that makes a smile on my face appear. i know that this transition in my life will not be a glittering experience every moment, but i know it will be for the good. homework awaits me in the new week and months ahead!

i am currently wanting to buy the new leeland album love is on the move (which came out today!) and the new regina spektor album far. will i buy either or both, that i cannot say will happen. i am stuck on leeland's song "love is on the move." i cannot stop listening to it.