Thursday, October 6, 2011

different little happies

today, i choose jOy.

1) pumpkin in all things: coffee, pancakes, pies, breads, cookies, etc.
2) chilly nights. makes me want to camp and sit by the fire.
3) dark roast coffee.
4) friends to talk with about life & faith.
5) autumn afternoon sun rays
6) where all the other English majors see the things of the world in a passage, I see God.
7) scarves of all kinds. the end.
8) listening to Sara Groves, knowing that i will be encouraged, inspired, spiritually edified, and brought to tears.
9) watching photosynthesis come to a stop and seeing the results of that equaling hues that are indescribable.
10) taking walks in the autumn sunshine, and crunching the leaves underfoot.
11) looking at the stars and knowing that they're even less infinite than God.
12) spending time with my mom.
13) honey & cinnamon.
14) playing the piano for myself and God.
15) knowing that i'm graduating in two and half months.

no good thing does He withhold.

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